Tourney Game Rules

Game consists of 2-20 minute running halves with stop time the last minute of each half. During the first 19 minutes of each half, the time only stops for injuries and timeouts. Pre-game and halftime are usually 3-5 minutes, but may be shortened at the discretion of the referees and tournament officials in order to keep games on time.

Overtime period starts with a jump ball. will be 3 minutes in length.
Each team gets 3 full timeouts per game. If a team is up by 25 points or more, the clock runs through the last minute, even if the lead slips below 25 points.
Bonus foul shots (1 and 1) starting on the 8th team foul per half.

Player is disqualified after 5 personal fouls. Technical,flagrant, and intentional fouls are not shot, automatic 2 points and ball possession for the non-violating team. If a player or coach is assessed two of these fouls, they will be removed from the game and must leave the gym, and must meet with the tournament director before being allowed to play or coach in subsequent games. Technical fouls also count as personal fouls.

No harassment of officials, players or coaches will be tolerated. Any violation of this will result in the removal of that person without refund of money.

The coach is responsible for providing the appropriate identification for all of their players (birth certificate, copy of a current year report card, student picture ID with grade level for age division verification.

If a player in question does not produce identification when asked, they may not play in any further games until it is produced. If this affects enough of your players where you cannot field at least five on the court, you will forfeit that game and all subsequent games, with a loss of any fees/admissions paid.

Any challenges of a player's age division must be made BEFORE game time to a tournament director (and it must come from the team’s head coach). A team that challenges MUST have all of their verification paperwork available for their team in order to make a challenge – no challenge will be accepted if the challenging team does not have their paperwork on hand.The ONLY person who will look at the verification paperwork is the tournament director – the opposing coaches, parents and/or players will not have access to the verification paperwork. This is due to privacy concerns.


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